Tuesday, April 22, 2014

faux moccs

A few weeks ago we won a giveaway for a pair of Faux Moccs. I've been looking for vegan moccasins for Elinor forever! I was so so excited when I first heard about these moccs and even more excited when we won. I might have squealed when I got the email.

I let Elinor pick the color, lavender fields forever, and we also received matching mama/baby shirts. Elinor loves that we have the same shirt. If she sees one we have to both put them on.
Elinor has worn her Faux Moccs just about every day for weeks. There is no wear on them yet. I really want to order her more. The tin man and glazed cranberries moccasins are so cute and cruelty free!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter bunnies!

Yesterday we spent most the day outside. We really were not prepared for Easter. I forgot to put Elinor's basket together the night before. While Dave had her on the potty, I ran downstairs and threw everything in her basket. They came down the stairs and she was confused by her bunny basket sitting on the couch. I guess we didn't talk about Easter or baskets too much with her. Over the last few weeks I had picked up a box of chalk, a bubble wand, little play toys for her new pool and an Anna dress. Of course she put her dress on right away and wanted to go outside to try out her chalk and bubbles. Dave made us home fries and french toast for breakfast, which was delicious! 
Dave's mom came over later to go on a walk with us. We live right near trails that we haven't explored too much. We walked down to a pretty section with cherry blossoms. We meant to just loop right back up to our house but took the wrong trail. We ended up way out of our way but we found some really cool spots. We were gone for a good 2 hours and I was so happy I remembered to grab the Ergo to backpack Elinor most of the walk. 

Along with not being prepared, we didn't hide her eggs or even open the package to put candy in yet. When we got back from our walk, I quickly stuffed candy in her eggs and then Dave ran out back and hid them. She had so much fun finding them. I think she will be asking to play hide and seek with her Easter bunny eggs again. About half way through her search, an egg popped open and she realized there was candy inside. She dropped and starting opening every one of them. We told her there were more hidden so as she found the new ones, she opened them up and ate the treats. Good things we only put out 20 and only one piece in each. 

Dave made sloppy joes with cashew avocado cream for dinner. We also had a little cake that Elinor and I picked up at Vegan Treats a few days ago. I was so incredibly stuffed after dinner, it was all so good! We finished off the day with watching Tangled and passing out early. We never got around to dying our plastic eggs but we can always save that for this week, right?

How was your Sunday?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Matilda Jane Clothing and a giveaway

I didn't get to write about it yet but after our trip to Richmond, we quickly took a trip to Boston. It's so hard to visit. We try to squeeze in seeing all our friends and favorite places. It's even harder to leave. I miss the silliest things...like the library, the coffee shop and even the mall. The worst is not being as close to the ocean. Our last 2 apartments, before moving, the ocean was walkable. 
Dave had work to do during the day. Elinor and I headed to the beach. I didn't care what the weather was going to be but it ended up being a nice day. Elinor found friends as soon as we got there. They sang let it go and searched for shells. After her friends left, we climbed on rocks and she pretended to be Ariel (pushing herself up on the flat side of the rock singing part of your world). I so badly wanted to get a video of it but I didn't want to back away while she was climbing.  

 Before leaving for Boston, Elinor got a special package from Matilda Jane Clothing. She was so excited and wanted to wear it right away. I think she favors her Matilda Jane outfits we already have and she knew what it was. We held her off until the next day. I'm so jealous every time I dress her in these super soft outfits. I need to check out some of the clothes for the mamas.

 She had a huge full day and fell asleep in her clothes. The next morning when I tried to change her outfit there was a major meltdown. She wanted her "heart tutu pants" on. She wore them that day and the again to bed since we were driving home. I finally had to sneak them off of her to wash.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

whole soy & co

Finding vegan yogurt is not easy. Well, it is but not all options are that good. I can find just about anything to take place of nonvegan foods. Yogurt was something that I used to love but never could find a good sub. Finally I found Whole Soy and even Elinor was also obsessed with it.

Around June or July it disappeared! We would ask our local stores and finally looked into it online. We found out they had to close for the time being. They were working on opening their own factory. I would stalk their website and check the yogurt section at the store every time hoping it would be there. FINALLY last weekend we found it!! We bought every flavor. For now they are only selling 6oz cups. I can't wait for bigger containers since we will go through them so fast. Especially the vanilla!

If you are looking for a dairy free, non-GMO, organic yogurt, try Whole Soy. I totally back it!

This is not a sponsored post. I am just really excited and want to spread the news that Whole Soy is back!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

backbend challenge

Are you on instagram? It's my favorite and easiest of social medias (for me at least). I have found so many amazing yogis on there that are so inspiring. In finding them, I have caught on to all of the monthly challenges. I half tried an inversion challenge but since I wasn't posting pictures, I didn't keep up with it. I have loved the backbend challenge and just started "yoga to the core" for April. I practice every day anyway and it is nice to throw some of these poses into my practice. A lot of them I didn't think I could do. It was so amazing to push myself and see results. 

Here are my pictures from the backbend challenge

I love that the last day was a resting pose.
This was also the first time I dropped back into wheel from standing. It wasn't pretty but I did it!

Have you ever tried a challenge on instagram?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

traveling to a music fest with a toddler

I keep having longer and longer breaks between posts. This time I was actually doing something. After my parents left I went to yoga classes everyday and got everything ready to make a trip to Richmond VA. We go to a music fest there every year (well we did skip last year). The last 2 years, Elinor has done great at shows/fests. She always surprises me with how easy going she acts when we aren't home.
I think we have got pretty good at packing a special bag of activities for her along with the iPad and some dvds for the ride. This trip we left right around bedtime. It worked out great at first. She fell asleep pretty quickly but woke up confused and screaming. I had to climb in the backseat and try to hold her while she was still buckled in. She cried off and on for the last 2 hours.
We promised her a pool. The second we got to the hotel she somehow knew that was where the pool was. She started walking down a random hall telling us she was going to find the pool. She had to wait awhile for swimming but she did great, patiently waiting while Dave set up his table. Her little backpack was full of coloring books, stickers, games and little toys. Most of them were brand new that she picked out from the $1 section at target. Oh and don't forget the other bag just of snacks. Her favorite have been veggie straws, seaweed, peanut butter cracker and always fresh fruit. Usually if we have starbucks, she needs a "smoothie". Really it's the puree fruits in a pouch that they sell.
We stayed at The Omni. Wow this hotel is awesome and so kid friendly. As soon as we checked in they handed Elinor a backpack with little things like a ball, magnify glass, crayons and more. There was also a frisbee that we ended up using as a plate the whole weekend. I wish I asked them more about what they offer for kids. On the last night I read you can borrow a backpack full of coloring books and games. I will have to remember that for next year. The hotel was walking distance to the venue which made it so easy to walk back and forth when Elinor needed a break. We ended up getting to swim a ton. The best part of the pool was not only it was indoor but it was heated. Not just a little warm but almost like bath water. I don't like swimming too much but that made it easy to bring Elinor.
It also helped that so many of our friends are so good to Elinor. She loves all the attention. There were also a few other little kids there. She made buddies with a little girl that is just about a year old than her. We got to go swimming together a few times too. Elinor asked to go play with her this morning. Hopefully we will get to see them again at the next fest. Her other buddy was a little baby. Since then she keeps asking us for a baby! We told her she has to wait to hangout with the baby again or play with her babydolls haha.
She wasn't too into watching bands. Maybe because we were on the stage and people were going crazy. It could be a little scary.
As soon as we got home she asked Dave to put her headphones on. She laid down in our bed and passed out right away. Getting her down for bed is always a struggle. Maybe we need to try that more often!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

longwood with the moms

First, can you head over to this link and vote on our picture? We are trying to win a trip to Disney. Which would be really awesome!

Anyway! We have been having a fun week. Dave will be back soon and my parents will be heading home. It's has been so fun to see Elinor with them. You would think she sees them everyday. I don't know it's because we facetime with them or she just remembers them from last visit. 

I took my mom and Elinor to Longwood Gardens. We met Dave's mom there. Last time we were all together, Elinor was 2 days old! 

Those two were BFFS. They were so funny together. We had a great day and Elinor was so happy having her Mum and Mamoo there. Mum took a few pics of us too which I'm so glad she did. 
Elinor was mad she was in the stroller but I was trying to get her to eat lunch while we walked. 
I love this picture of her! Mum bought her an Elsa headband at a craft fair. She is obsessed! 

We don't go to Longwood enough. It's so beautiful and Elinor can just run. I knew my mom would love it too. She will have to plan another visit since we didn't even get to see everything this time.