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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sea Isle City

We were invited to go spend a day with some friends while they were renting a beach house in Sea Isle City, NJ. I have never been to the ocean in New Jersey before and just assumed it was all like you would see on tv.
It was nothing like how either of us thought. It was quiet and beautiful. I have been pretty bummed that we aren't close to the ocean anymore but I was excited when I found out it was only a 1 1/2 away. I'm sure by next year we will have all the spots to go down.

Elinor was kind of confused at first where all the rocks were. She decided instead of trying to return all the rocks, she would work on the dry sand. Handful by handful for 2 hours she ran back and forth from the dry sand to the water. I love how she gets so determined to do something.

After returning as much sand as she could she finally realized there were other things to do there. She tried out digging and actually playing in the water! It helped having her friends around so she could see what they were doing. We usually just go to the beach alone.

Who's up for a couple more beach trips before this weather ends??

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

moving on

I was thinking today that I might just give up on blogging. I've been so busy and having a hard time finding a free moment. But I love having this place to look through old pictures and even to see what we were doing last year this time or even a few years ago. Yes, I have all the pictures saved but here there is a story with the pictures.

 We are moving to Philadelphia in a month! We started thinking about moving a year ago and now it is almost time. I'm so excited and nervous. I love love love living here. I would love to raise Elinor here, where I know where all the parks, museums, farms, and everything kid friendly is, where we are down the street from the ocean! But I know the best thing to do for us is to be closer to family. We will find new mommy and nanny friends and eventually find all the fun places to go.

A few weeks ago is when the nerves started coming in. When I moved here, I was completely over where I was. It was only me and I was ready for anything. Now with our whole little family, making a move is scary. Even though Elinor is little, the move will matter to her. She won't have her little friends, we will be in a new house that she will have to get used to. I know she will adjust and we will find new little friends (it won't be the same as her Henri though!).

I have so much going on/running through my mind and I'm not sure how often I will be around here before we move. I hope to squeeze in all of our favorite things to do here in the next few weeks and maybe get some pictures along the way.

These pictures are from a few days ago at the beach. Some kids were playing in the water and I am SO surprised Elinor didn't try to. She just wanted to run in the grass and point to every dog. 

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Monday, April 1, 2013


We took Elinor to see the Easter bunny. When we got in line she kept waving and was so excited. When it was our turn and we started walking up she froze. The bunny tried to hand her an egg to draw her in but nope. We all ended up getting in the picture. She thought I was just putting her down and started to cry so you can see her red puffy eyes in the picture.

For Easter we didn't do much. Elinor woke up and we brought her in the living room to find her Easter basket. We had reused the Easter basket that Grandmom had gave her. We filled it with mostly her favorite snacks. We also got a couple of $1 gifts at Target. I had a few things I wanted to get her anyway for an upcoming trip and we threw those in there. Honestly we weren't going to make her a basket but started to feel guilty. I'm glad we did because she was so adorable, acting so excited at each item she pulled out. 

After that I made carrot cake pancakes (yum!), opened the windows and were lazy all morning. After her nap we went on a walk to the beach. It was way colder than I thought it was going to be. She didn't care. She walked along the wall, holding Dave's hand and getting splashed by waves. It was a pretty good day. 
She wore her pretty new dress from my parents until lunch. After lunch and nap she would only put on her Gabba shirt. 
cool kid

 strawberry face

How was your Easter??

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

playground at the beach

It finally warmed up last week a bit. We walked to the beach which is not even 10 minutes away. Elinor waved to every person we waked by. The second we got to the beach she threw her arms up and started yelling "up, help!". I put her up on the wall to watch the waves. She loved watching them until she realized we were up high. Once I put my arm across her belly she went back to starring at the waves and waving to the seagulls. We walked a little bit until she saw an opening to the beach. She took off! If I didn't stop her she would have jumped in. We chased each other for awhile until I could barely keep her away from the water and headed to the playground. Kids were leaving when we walked in. I felt bad because she was so excited when we saw them. She still had fun climbing, swinging and sliding. 

We stopped by to wave to the ocean one more time before walking back home. Once I said "let's go home, back in the stroller" She had a meltdown. Don't worry Ellie, soon it will be warmer all the time and we can come back everyday.

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